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Children often encounter these problems when learning mathematics!

Mathematics , the science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects. It deals with logical reasoning and quantitative calculation, and its development has involved an increasing degree of idealization and abstraction of its subject matter.
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Cultivating Cognitive Math Is Vital!

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The rapid development of modern science and technology has changed people’s demand for mathematics. When tools have mastered all human mathematics skills,  mathematical thinking has become a scarce resource  . In addition, the old mathematics education can no longer help children in their future work. ” The universe is big, the particles are tiny, the speed of the rocket, the ingenuity of chemical engineering, the change of the earth, the mystery of biology, the complexity of daily use, and mathematics is everywhere.” Mathematical thinking is a kind of ability, which includes  logical thinking and image thinking., Abstract thinking, spatial thinking, etc. It can be said that no matter what kind of work you are engaged in in the future society, you will not be able to do without mathematical thinking.

So what is Cognitive Math ?

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The Cognitive Math Course is developed by YouClass to help students develop their interest in mathematics in all aspects. It cultivates independent problem-solving skills and critical thinking through interesting mathematical problems. Students can use mathematical concepts flexibly to solve various flexible and complex mathematical problems.

We do not have to fret about mathematical problems that we will undoubtedly face in our daily lives anymore !

Suitable For Ages: 5-14

Course Features

Integration into higher-order thinking math problems

In the past in high-order thinking mathematics courses, students often get confused by the methods they should use to approach a problem . In order to solve this, YouClass curriculum development team believes that instead of giving students a number of high level difficulty questions at one go, It is better to integrate high-thinking math problems into each class and let students learn the methods slowly.

Making Math Olympiad Easier

After completing the 8 subjects in 45 classes with YouClass, the child should already have the basic problem-solving ability of high-thinking mathematics. Parents can optionally prepare Mathematical Olympiad courses for their children in the last 3 lessons of the course. After completing the course, YouClass can also sign up for your children's amc math competition, or let the children successfully enter the school's math club!

Mathematics communication language skills training

The cultivation of language ability is also an important task that cannot be ignored in mathematics. In YouClass's cognitive math class, teachers will tend to request for more writing, reflection and clarification of their mathematical thinking and discussing mathematical ideas and arguments. Teachers will create a classroom environment for oral expression training to allow students to practice and improve their ability to express mathematical ideas both verbally and in writing.

Integration of the international Cambridge and Singapore's MOE system

Youclass’s Cognitive Mathematics is based on Singapore’s MOE education system with an integration of a few vital topics taken from the Cambridge teaching system of international schools that will be vital for the child’s future. The teaching style will be unique as well due to the fact that we will spark curiosity in the child before motivating them to explore the questions. Ultimately we will let the child understand how and why the questions should be approached in a particular way through model problem solving examples and such. The integration of the education system of international schools into MOE’s is not the only factor that differs us from other education centers. We strongly believes in a 2 way conversation between tutors and students so that students will speak and voice out more to not just build up their confidence level but to also intrigue their thinking to have a better understanding of the theory that they are suppose to learn which will undoubtedly give them a better understanding, this is our teaching pedagogy.

Learn Essential Life Skills Through Mathematics!

Many children have no substantive conception of money, and cannot even understand the limited budget. In fact, these are closely related to mathematics. In cognitive mathematics, YouClass has added the concept of money, financial management and time, etc. These are all skills that are vital for children in their near future.

Learn English Vocabulary Through Mathematics !

Many times the problem lies in English. Many students cannot understand the question, so how can they even answer the question correctly? In response to these problems, the YouClass curriculum development team believes that letting children understand the English vocabulary in mathematics is also a vital part of the curriculum. In class, the teacher will explain the new math vocabulary in detail as well as adding spelling and other exercises, so that students can understand the questions in the exam and answer the questions with ease.

Professional Curriculum Development Team

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Former International School Principal - Kelly

Graduated from NUS College (Bachelor of Education) Bachelor of Mathematics, National University of Singapore Master of London Institute of Education Mathematics Education Ministry of Education certified teachers

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Singapore Young Scientist - Sunny

Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. at National University of Singapore Bachelor degree of engineering ( 1st Hon) form University of Technology Postdoctoral Publication Prize – Finalist Start MIT Entrepreneurship Talk – First Prize University Gold Medal and Dean’s Award ( Dean’s List for 8 consecutive semesters).

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YouClass Math Team

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