Hong Kong Or Singapore? Whats the difference? Where should I Study, Why should I Study in Singapore?

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What are the problems that most Primary/Secondary school students face these days?

“My child is constantly receiving bad grades in school”

“My child does not seem to be  interested in studying”

Recently there has been an increase in demand for education in Singapore from Hong kong, why is that so?

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Did you know that a student’s social and economic characteristics shapes their cognitive and behavioural outcomes? Needless to say, Primary and secondary school will be a very impactful time in a student’s life due to the fact that this is the time whereby whatever they are experiencing in life will shape them. Values ​​will be brought upon as well as morals and the way the child looks at life and more often than not by the time the child reaches the University stage, it might be too late.

Singapore has a global reputation for academic excellence and we are not just talking about Asia but in fact across the world. Singapore’s education is considered world- class and boasts academic talents that is both highly competitive and advanced. Unsurprisingly, it is home to universities that have won global recognition for both their advanced research facilities and top- tier academics. Singapore has been named the best- performing location for the programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test conducted by the organisation for Economic Co-operation And Development (OECD) . Thus, many internationally renowned academics and scholars have been attracted to teach and study here. Given the culture here in Singapore, no matter where students come from, their experience in Singapore will build on their strengths and abilities,and boldly expand their perspectives and horizons.

Singapore's Primary and Secondary Education Ranks first in the world

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A Multicultural Society

Singapore is a multi-cultural society where people are respectful of different religions, races, and cultures. There are four official languages ​​in Singapore – English (the predominant language used in schools and the workplace), Chinese, Malay and Tamil.  Such diversity has enabled Singapore to attract international students from many places around the world. International students in Singapore thrive in this environment, experiencing a mix of multi-ethnic cultures while still being able to rely on English as the medium of communication in their daily lives.


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Top Industry Connections

Singapore is an economic powerhouse that is a leading industrial centre for aerospace, precision engineering, information technology, biotechnology pharmaceuticals, creative industry as well as professional services. Singapore’s connectivity and influence in the region, its integration of both eastern and western cultures and its welcoming stance towards foreign investment has made it an important business hub in Asia

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A Safe And Secure Environment.

Singapore is ranked one of the safest country in the world by Economist intelligence unit (EIU). Living abroad alone can raise worries for both international students and their families, therefore Studying in a safe country such as Singapore would definitely place these worries behind.All in all, Singapore has a relatively stable political and social environment. Government agencies and commercial entities alike tend to be efficient and systematic, and the average Singaporean on the street is tech-savvy and well-informed.

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Study Abroad Services? We do not just stop there ...

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Want the best education for your child but worried about their wellbeing? As a parent, it is normal to worry about your child especially if he/she is away from home. 100% of our clients seek frequent updates about their child studying abroad. It is nerve-wracking enough to be apart from your child, ease your worries with our help.

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Singapore allows mothers of students under the age of 16 to apply for accompanying students. His mother/ grandmother/ grandmother can apply for a companion permit to come to Singapore to live legally and take care of the children.

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Training Centre

is our student training centre that offers a wide range of courses from preparatory courses for international school exams to academic and talent-development enrichment programs.

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The first student hostel arrangement service in Singapore, we have a long history in providing our clients the best stay. With over a hundred partner hostels island-wide available one click away, we promise comfort, value and convenience to every client!

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