Ocean Science Holiday Camp


15th March-18th March

29th March-1st April
5th April-8th April


6 - 12 Years old

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Do you know that the ocean has a very important impact on the survival of all living things on earth? Why is that so? The ocean provides important natural resources such as food, biofuels and pharmaceuticals. However, the increase in pollution of heavy metals, chemical waste and garbage is having a significant negative impact on our ocean and it is time we do something about it. Let us do our part and protect the ocean together! We have to start educating kids to them understand that the ocean is in dire need of our help and we can start by purchasing ocean-friendly certified seafood, reduce carbon emission as well as reduce the use of plastic. Something so small in our daily lives can make such a significant impact on the ocean.

Your child will not only acquire a vital knowledge about the ecosystem, they will also cultivate a sense of responsibility when it comes to the environment. The details mentioned below is just a glimpse of what your child would experience with us during this camp...

S.E.A. Aquarium

At the new Rainforest, Intertidal and Coral Reef Habitats, come face to face with interesting creatures such as the poison arrow frog, epaulette shark, native knobbly sea star and the colourful plant-like animals – coral frags. It’s good news all around! SEA Aquarium has also welcomed more babies to the sea family! Among the newborns are the distinctive leopard whipray and white-tip reef shark, both listed as “Vulnerable” and “Threatened” in the IUCN1 Red List of Threatened Species belonging to the elasmobranch (both sharks and rays) species. Other newborns like the poison arrow frog and epaulette shark are housed at the new zone, so keep an eye out for them there.  

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The River Safari

River Safari is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park inspired by the world’s most iconic rivers. Witness some of the biggest, most endangered animals from these rivers, in lofty tanks and luscious walk-through exhibits! A must-see are giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in Southeast Asia’s largest giant panda exhibit. Plus the world’s largest freshwater aquarium themed after the Flooded Amazon Forest! The River is Calling…

Fascinating Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism. Bioluminescence is a type of chemiluminescence, which is simply the term for a chemical reaction where light is produced. (Bioluminescence is chemiluminescence that takes place inside a living organism.)

Bioluminescence is a “cold light.” Cold light means less than 20% of the light generates thermal radiation, or heat.

Most bioluminescent organisms are found in the ocean. These bioluminescent marine species include fish, bacteria, and jellies. Some bioluminescent organisms, including fireflies and fungi, are found on land. There are almost no bioluminescent organisms native to fresh-water habitats.

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Let us all do our part to make a change.

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