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Whenever students study abroad alone for the first time, such as studying in Singapore for example. They will inevitably encounter a bunch of different problems such as feeling lonely or not being able to adapt to the life in Singapore perhaps? Some may even find it difficult to get along with the host family or even friends in the classroom which will end up affecting one’s emotions and in return, grades. Not to worry because EiStudy will help you solve these problems and make your study abroad experience enjoyable and worry-free. 

What can we possibly offer?

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EiStudy provides professional guardianship services for international students that requires it.

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How to find a high-quality /comfortable student apartment or a host family? We can help you!

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Immigration Services

Study abroad immigration, investment immigration, skilled immigration, find a suitable immigration program for you.

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Purchase a house

Do you plan to buy a house in Singapore? EiStudy even provides high-quality housing for you to choose from.

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Pick-up Services

We will designate a person for you who will be responsible for your pick-up services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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School visiting

Recommend and walk international students through the top 3 Schools of their choice to let them experience the campuses themselves and let them make a better decision.

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English tests

EiStudy provides preparatory courses and training for studying abroad, and students can take free assessment tests.

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Other services

Pre-departure guidance, assistance in applying for student visas, translation services, transfer services, etc.

But don’t worry too much, EiStudy 15-year study abroad experience has already prepared a solution for you!

In order to allow international students to embark on this ideal path of studying abroad and not let students worry about trivial matters, EiStudy has already provided one-stop study abroad services for international students and prospective students!

Specially designed for young people:

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1. Pick up service

Start a new journey abroad with our airport shuttle service! Let you enjoy a safe, comfortable and relaxing start in Singapore. We have a dedicated person responsible for pick-up service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can freely choose to provide landing pick-up service for your children. You can choose 4 or 7 luxury car seats to provide pick-up service for you and your family. Once you arrive at the arrival hall, just watch the driver log in with your name hanging on it.

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2. Arranging Student Accommodation

Singapore 65 House's first student dormitory arrangement service, we have many years of experience to provide our customers with the best accommodation. We have more than one hundred partner hotels across the island of Singapore, and we guarantee to provide comfort, value and convenience to every customer! Our 65house not only provides student dormitories and student apartments, we also provide host families for children under the age of 18 who come to study in Singapore. Children need to be protected to ensure that they can be properly taken care of and study in a pleasant environment.

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3. Pre Departure Guidance

I don’t know what to prepare for studying in Singapore? Don't worry, we will assist you one by one if you have any questions! ​

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4. School Visiting ( Up to 3 )

Recommend and walk international students through the top 3 Schools of their choice to let them experience the campuses themselves and let them make a better decision.

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5. Translation Services

If there are some language problems, we will also arrange for the interpreter sister to accompany the parents and students to visit the students.

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6. School Appointment Services

The school appointment service is especially provided to overseas students. If you want to visit the school, you can let us know in advance! EiStudy has cooperated with most schools here in Singapore, we can help you arrange the schools that you wish to view with a click of a button.

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7. English Test

YouClass Study provides various preparation courses and trainings. No matter what preparatory course you need, a free evaluation test will be carried out first to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Our experienced teachers will then guide you through the course to improve your skills and address your weaknesses.

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8. Assist in applying for student ID card at the Department of Immigration (at your own expense)

Complicated procedures have always been a headache for parents and students studying abroad! But your savior is here! Consult us as soon as possible, we will definitely help you arrange everything properly!

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Student Apartments dedicated just for you !

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Hillview Student Apartment
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Bishan Student Apartment
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Utopia Student Apartment
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Eton Student Apartment
Wilkie Terrace3 24
Wilkie Student Apartment
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Queenstown Student Apartment

For overseas services, look for EiStudy to study abroad! ​

Come on, Yiteng will tell you what you want to know! You can contact us if you have any questions! Please leave a message below, we will serve you one by one!

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