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Singapore's Admission Exercise for International Students Examination (AEIS/S-AEIS)

• Introduction to Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS). The AEIS Examination is organized and arranged by the Ministry of Education Singapore for international students applying for Singapore government primary and secondary schools.

• Students who pass will enroll in January of the following year.

• If international students fail to pass the AEIS exam in the current year, they can register for the S-AEIS exam (Supplementary Examinations) for the second year. Students who pass the exam will be admitted in June of the second year.

The advantages of AEIS Examination

The Singapore government’s primary and secondary schools implement bilingual education whilst having the advantages of Western quality education. It provides a higher platform for studying in Singapore Government University or studying in Europe and America.

The AEIS Exam pass rate is generally low

According to official data, the passing rate of international students who tooks the AEIS/S-AEIS exams is only 23%:

1. International students who do not speak English as their first language may find the English exam format challenging.

2. Difficulty in understanding the requirements of the AEIS examination questions and inability to read and understand the text in a limited time.

3. Unable to grasp the real intention of the questioner and therefore unable to identify the test points and find favourable information.

4. Inability to master appropriate and effective problem solving methods and techniques to quickly locate the key points of the exam questions.

5. High number of candidates and fierce competition among international students.

How can I improve my AEIS exam effectively?

• The AEIS Examination is divided into two main subjects, English and Mathematics.

• Many international students struggle in English more than Mathematics as they do not come from English background. By simply improving their language skills over a period of time, candidates will have a much higher chance of passing the exam.

What should I do if I fail the AEIS exam for the first time?

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Option 1:

• Participate in the following year's supplementary exam (S-AEIS)

The reasons why candidates fail AEIS exam include insufficient preparation and lacking of confidence before the exam. If you do not make it for the first round, it is recommended that you register for S-AEIS exam in the following year which is generally in February. Candidates will then have sufficient time to join the AEIS preparatory class.

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Option 2:

YouClass Singapore International Student Training Center

YouClass Learning Centre in Singapore under Eistudy provides AEIS simulation course training, as well as one-to-one online course training. All of our YouClass teachers have undergone rigorous training and screening in Singapore. The instructors are familiar with the entrance examination and the curriculum syllabus of local schools in Singapore. After each class, the teacher will write a report for the parents to understand the children’s learning situation and help the students to enter Singapore government school smoothly.

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Option 3:

Choose Singapore Sanyu Primary and Secondary School

Sanyu Primary and Secondary School is a well-known school in Singapore. As a private school, the curriculum of Sanyu Primary and Secondary School is consistent with the government schools. It has a governement education system in Singapore. Students can study in Sanyu while preparing for the AEIS exam. In addition, Singapore’s private schools have lower thresholds than government schools. Hence, students have a higher chance of enrolling Singapore’s private school successfully.

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Option 4:

Choose an International School

1. Singapore’s international schools focus on IB international courses, allowing children to learn more better knowledge and understanding when choosing a country for undergraduate colleges in the future.

2. Most of the students of international schools come from places all over the world and the teachers are excellent educators who have passed strict examination. The learning environment is more cultured and diversified in international school.

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4. Eistudy Professional Planning Team

You can consult us for AEIS / S-AEIS exam registration. Eistudy professional team has 14 years of experience in education planning. We ensure that you can enter a top school in Singapore.

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If your child is successfully admitted to the government school, Congratulations! Your next questions may be:

• How does the school selection works and what is its ranking in Singapore?

Singapore’s statement of “every government school is a good school” has officially cancelled the school rankings in the past few years. In most cases, the schools we enter through the AEIS exam are ordinary neighborhood schools.

• If I am not satisfied with the school I have entered, can I transfer to another school?

After the Singapore Ministry of Education has implemented the new policy, students who pass the AEIS/S-AEIS examination and enter government schools cannot transfer to a different school. The Ministry of Education in Singapore strives to make every government school a good school. 

•What should I pay attention to after entering a government school?

Students who are able to get into government schools generally have a very strong foundation in Maths and Science. Most students will usually have some difficulties in English and Arts. Even if students have successfully admitted into a government school, students must make use of their time after class to strengthen their English. If their English improve, they will have a great chance to be among the best in the class.

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