In order to protect the privacy of Eistudy’s users and to optimize the user experience, Eistudy has established this Personal Information Protection Policy in accordance with current regulations and policies. This Personal Information Protection Policy details Eistudy’s policies and practices with respect to the acquisition, management and protection of your personal information. This Personal Information Protection Policy applies to all services provided to you by Eistudy, whether you access Eistudy services through a computer device, mobile terminal or other device.
I. Collection of Personal Information
You acknowledge and agree that when you register for an Eistudy account or use the services provided by Eistudy, Eistudy will record the personal information you provide, including: your account number, mobile phone number, login password, and other user-initiated and saved information, which is the basis for your access to the services provided by Eistudy. Also, for the purpose of optimising the user experience, Eistudy may obtain other information relevant to improving the Eistudy service, including mobile phone identification number, mobile phone model, current location, browser version, page view information, button clicks, all of which will be stored on Eistudy’s “AliCloud “servers in order to optimise our services.
II. Management of personal information
In order to provide you with better services or products, Eistudy will use your personal information in the following circumstances.
1) In accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
2) in accordance with your authorisation.
3) in accordance with Eistudy’s relevant terms of service and application license agreement.
In addition, you acknowledge and agree that Eistudy may use your non-private personal information for marketing purposes to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, displaying or providing advertising and promotional materials to you on the Eistudy Platform, informing or recommending information about Eistudy’s services or products to you, and other such uses that Eistudy may deem appropriate based on your use of Eistudy’s services or products. services or products that we believe may be of interest to you based on your use of Eistudy’s services or products. This also includes information that you choose to share when you take certain actions, such as authorisation.
Eistudy will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission, except in the following circumstances.
1) Eistudy has obtained authorization from you or your guardian.
2) Where Eistudy is required to disclose it by a judicial or administrative authority giving legal process.
3) When Eistudy files a lawsuit or arbitration against a user in order to defend its legitimate rights and interests.
4)According to the agreement of the relevant terms of service and application license use agreement between you and Eistudy.
(5) Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.
One year after the end of the service, the information will be anonymized and the user’s real name and contact information will be deleted.
III. Protection of personal information
Eistudy will make every reasonable effort to protect the personal information it obtains from users. In order to prevent accidental and unauthorised access, copying, modification, transmission, loss, destruction, disposal or use of your personal information, Eistudy has taken and will continue to take the following measures to protect your personal information.
(1) information management staff must complete Privacy Shield training and be aware of the content of this privacy agreement
2) Encrypting your personal information in an appropriate manner.
(3) Protecting your personal information with a password in an appropriate location.
(4) Restrict access to the user’s personal information.
(5) other reasonable measures.
Notwithstanding the above reasonable and effective measures and having complied with the standards required by the relevant legal provisions, Eistudy cannot guarantee the security of your personal information when it is communicated through insecure means. Therefore, you should take active steps to ensure the security of your personal information, such as changing your password regularly and not disclosing your password or other personal information to others. You acknowledge that the personal information protection measures provided by Eistudy apply only to the Eistudy platform and that Eistudy has no ability or obligation to protect any personal information you submit on websites other than Eistudy once you leave Eistudy and visit or use other websites, services and content resources, regardless of whether your visit or visit to such websites is based on Eistudy’s links or leads.
IV. Access to personal information
Once you have completed your account registration with Eistudy, you may access or modify the personal information you have submitted to Eistudy. In general, you may view and amend the information you have submitted at any time, but for security and identification reasons, you may not be able to amend some of the initial registration information and verification information provided during registration.
V. Use of cookies and web beacons
Eistudy is committed to using cookie information only for the purpose of improving our services/product quality and optimising user experience. Also, if you do not want your personal information to be stored in cookies, you can configure your browser to “reject cookies” or “notify you when a website sends a cookie”, you know that, given that Eistudy’s services are You are aware that, given that Eistudy’s services are made possible through the support of cookies, disabling cookies may affect your access to Eistudy or prevent you from fully accessing Eistudy’s services. If you do not disable cookies, you may be prompted as to whether or not to retain user information the next time you access the site in order to simplify the login process (e.g. one-click login).
Eistudy uses web beacons in the same way and for the same purposes as cookies.
VI. Special protection of personal information of minors
Eistudy takes the protection of personal information of minors very seriously. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should ensure that you have obtained prior consent from your guardian before using Eistudy’s services, and if you apply for an account on Eistudy, Eistudy will assume by default that you have obtained such consent.
VII. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Eistudy reserves the right to amend any of the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time, and in the event of a change to this Privacy Policy, Eistudy will post the amended Privacy Policy directly on the Eistudy website, and such posting shall be deemed to be a notification by Eistudy of the amendment. Eistudy may also inform the user of the amendments by other appropriate means. If you do not agree with the changes made by Eistudy to this Privacy Policy, you have the right to stop using Eistudy services. If you continue to use the Eistudy Services, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes made by Eistudy to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
VIII. Complaint channels
Eistudy’s website and Eistudy App provide an official complaint telephone number and an online complaint function, which you can use at any time to make a complaint about any information privacy issues, and we will contact you within 30 working days to deal with the relevant issues.