Singapore International School Application ! What is there to know about Singapore International school?

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Problems international students face upon having their education in Singapore.

The child is too lively and active!

Failed to enter government school many times!

Academic performance is always not ideal!

The neighbourhood school I attended was not competitive!

International Schools might be more suitable for your children. Here is why!

International VS Government Schools.

Singapore is particularly well- known for their world class education system and high quality government Schools. The fact that Singapore’s public schools are consistently ranked the best in the world, it is not a surprise that getting a placement for your child in a local school would be a hassle and more often than not parents usually ends up squeezing their heads thinking “what do i do next?” We must first understand that not everybody is the same simply put, different kids different education systems and one might learn better this way than the other. Therefore, if the rigorous curriculum in government schools is stressing your child out and causing them to lose interest in studying as a whole.One should really consider the route of Local international school which provides a strong focus on global learning and internationalism not forgetting aspects such as extra- curricular activities like sports and arts. Ultimately an international school will provide you with a more international curriculum and holistic based education which might just be the right thing that your child needs.

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International Schools promotes interactive education.

Which encourages children to communicate and express more with each other within the group so as co cultivate better collaboration skills.

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Singapore's International schools are Cost Effective

Compared to other countries with regards to studying abroad, Singapore’s international school provides a high quality education as a low cost and at the same time the students can also enjoy the excellent campus in a safe and socially stable environment in Singapore surrounded by the best and latest technology and facilities.

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International Schools provides more than just education.

Diversified courses encourages the balanced development of children. Children who are not good at academic subjects can also develop sports, art and other professional directions

Just a glimpse of the International

Now in full swing...


United World College of South East Asia / United World College of South East Asia

• The United World College of South East Asia is one of the largest international schools in Singapore. Its full name is United World College of South East Asia, established in 1971.

• The school has two campuses in Singapore, one on Buddha Road and the other on Tampines Street. It recruits students from kindergarten to 12th grade from more than 70 countries around the world. Its high-quality education is well-known and is well received by many overseas People’s favor. As a result, his degree is in short supply all the year round, and he is hailed as one of “Singapore’s most difficult international schools”.


Stanford American School

• The only school in Singapore that offers American education courses and International Baccalaureate Examination (IB) courses. The school provides North American system education for students aged 2-18. The average IB score in 2016 was 30.15, which was higher than the world average of 29. Achievement.

• As American education courses are offered, students can choose to continue their studies in American universities after graduation. For students who want to develop in the United States in the future, Stanford American International School is undoubtedly the best choice.


Canadian International School

• The Canadian International School is one of the top international schools in Singapore. It ranks among the best in Singapore’s international schools in terms of school scale, teaching hardware facilities, or software facilities!

• The school provides International Baccalaureate (IB) courses for students from early childhood to 12th grade, and they deliver beautiful grades every year, such as the 2016 IB average score of 36, which is outstanding in Singapore.


Australian International School

• The Australian International School of Singapore was established in 1993. It adopts the courses of the New South Wales Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate (IB). It is a well-known educational institution recognised worldwide. The students studying in the Australian International School come from more than forty countries around the world. It is an international school that perfectly embodies diversity and tolerance.

• Its school-running philosophy, curriculum standards, teaching process management and teaching quality are all under the guidance and supervision of the International Baccalaureate Organization. There are many students from various countries whose native language is not English, and the composition of students and teachers is diversified. In 2016, the IB average score was 34.

Interested in Studying in Singapore? EiStudy will be with you every step of the way !

There are many very high-quality international schools in Singapore. Not only do they have the world’s top educational resources, but also have a beautiful campus environment. Therefore, every enrollment season, students from all over the world line up to take the entrance exam. If you want your child to enroll in an international school, don’t hesitate to consult with our Yiteng Study Abroad consultant now, so as not to miss the registration season, your child can only enroll later than other children!

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Successful offers from a variety of schools

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Australian International School

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Canadian International School

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Southeast Asia World Union College

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Stanford American International School

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Dulwich International School

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Southeast Asia World Union College

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Want the best education for your child but worried about their wellbeing? As a parent, it is normal to worry about your child especially if he/she is away from home. 100% of our clients seek frequent updates about their child studying abroad. It is nerve-wracking enough to be apart from your child, ease your worries with our help.

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Singapore allows mothers of students under the age of 16 to apply for accompanying students. His mother/ grandmother/ grandmother can apply for a companion permit to come to Singapore to live legally and take care of the children.

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Training Centre

is our student training centre that offers a wide range of courses from preparatory courses for international school exams to academic and talent-development enrichment programs.

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The first student hostel arrangement service in Singapore, we have a long history in providing our clients the best stay. With over a hundred partner hostels island-wide available one click away, we promise comfort, value and convenience to every client!

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