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After attending a private school for a while, you found that the education system is not suitable for your child?

Want to transition to a private school and take the AEIS to get into a public school but never get in?

Do you want your child to attend a better school because the school culture is not rigorous and the teaching resources are not good enough?

Don’t worry! Let us help you find the best schools in Singapore.

Let us provide you with the best solution for your child to study in Singapore and transfer to another school.

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Your child’s studies cannot be compromised, and if they are delayed, it will affect their entire academic development and therefore their future career planning. So if you find that your current school is not suitable for your child, come and consult with our professional consultants! Our consultants will work with you to select a school that is more suitable for your child, arrange your child’s entrance exam training, and help your child transfer to a better school!

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Sanyu Primary and Secondary School

Sanyu Primary and Secondary School is a full time school established in 1996 through the merger of Sam Yuk Secondary School and Church School, with all teachers qualified by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Upon graduation, students can sit for the O-Level and A-Level examinations, which are administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and can be admitted to government polytechnics, junior colleges and university preparatory courses based on their results.

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Hwa Chong International School

Established under the joint support of the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Ministry of Education, Hwa Chong International School is a renowned local school in Singapore with excellent campus facilities, offering a six-year through-train program for local and foreign students from junior high school to university preparatory level, offering IGCSE as well as IBDP programs. Combining the rigor of Chinese education with the innovation of Western education, it has produced many outstanding students over the years and has achieved proud results in the IBDP.

There are many good schools in Singapore, but the admission quota is tight every year. How can your child stand out in the entrance exam and get into a better school? Don’t worry! Leave it to Intensify! We have rich experience in training for the entrance exams of various international schools in Singapore, and we are the first to get information about the exams of the schools.

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United World College of Southeast Asia (UWC)

Founded in 1962, UWC is the top international school in Singapore, with 17 campuses around the world, covering many countries, and with many years of experience in global education. In addition to promoting sports education, the academic performance of students is among the top in the world, with an average IBDP score of 36.5, much higher than the global average of 29.8, and a pass rate of 97.1%. The school has a 97.1% pass rate. The number of places available each year is also very tight.


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With 15 years of experience in providing professional study abroad services in Singapore, Intensify has assisted nearly 10,000 international students from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Indonesia to study in Singapore. Unlike other study abroad agencies, the head office of Intensify is located in the financial center of Singapore, collecting first-hand information on education in Singapore, and has in-depth cooperation with major universities and private schools in Singapore for many years, providing customers with the most accurate advice on study abroad applications and planning the most complete study abroad program. Each of our consultants has many years of experience in the Singapore education sector and is familiar with the policies and developments of Singapore schools. In addition to this, Intensify also provides services such as International Student Training Center and Accommodation Manager, making it the most complete one-stop service provider in Singapore.

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