Singapore Top Public Universities and the things you need to know

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Problems you might encounter when applying
for a public University in Singapore

Did you know that 98% of outstanding students still fail to apply?

I do not know how to express myself, let alone my academic background!

In the event the application fails, there may be a delay of one whole year!

Choosing the wrong major is as good as studying for nothing.

EiStudy is here to help you get into your dream school.

Apart from distinguished faculty members and cutting- edge infrastructure, Singapore is more than meets the eye. Singapore’s world-class universities includes Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore(NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU) But what gives Singapore an edge over other institutes is their association with universities across the globe. These universities even have strong connections to real-time industries and have all the provisions for a great job placement at the end of the term. Even with that being said, the cost of studying abroad in Singapore is much more affordable than the likes of European and American Schools. However… the fact that Singapore is home to the top Universities in the world, you cant expect to have an easy admission. Singapore’s Universities have high requirements for student’s academic performance, personal achievements as well as personal background and more often than not, outstanding students tend to fail succeed in getting a placement in our local Universities.

Here at Ei study we offer the most professional and careful analysis of studying abroad. We have helped thousands of international students over the years from choosing their majors to getting them into their dream schools but we don’t just stop here. We even consult the students to go through the world’s ranking with particular modules from particular universities and give our students an insight of the future employment rates. Here at Ei study, we do not want students to regret making the wrong decisions in life, wasting their time on a wrong major and a wrong school hindering their precious time away. Once you fail to apply or choose the wrong school/major, enrolment will undoubtedly be delayed and this delay will go on for a long time. Therefore, we are here to help you secure a place in our local Universities at ease!


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Students who've successfully gotten their offers accepted through Ei.

Public university applications need to be prepared early! What are you waiting for? ! Contact us now!

EiStudy Abroad has 14 years of application experience and multiple partnerships with prestigious schools all over the island and has helped 10,000+ international students successfully apply for studying in Singapore! Do consult us if you have any questions! We will do our part to get you into your dream school.

All that is left now is a teacher that will guide you along the way throughout your study abroad journey.


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