What are the concerns faced by international students?

  • Are Singapore private university recognized in the country?
  • I have poor grades and English. Can I study in Singapore?
  • What are the requirements for applying to a  university in Singapore … Which schools can I apply for my grades? What are the costs of studying and living in Singapore?
  • What are the specific requirements for applying to Singapore universities …
  • International students do not know how to submit application documents correctly and effectively …

Why You Should Study Business?

Your passion may be fashion design, making dishes for your family and friends or even playing sports. Whatever your interests are, there is always a business side to the equation! Think about it, every industry needs financiers, accountants, marketing managers and IT. That is why business major is essential for running any organisation!
Studying Business is a very practical as a field of study. Business study requires applying creative ideas or add value to a product or service in order to generate a profit. It also involves stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors. Therefore, soft skills like communication, listening skills, interpersonal skills, time management and empathy are vitally important as well. As world’s top financial centre, Singapore is a often an attractive destination for big companies and startups because of its innovation and competitive country. Hence it is often a considerable option for international students for studying Business in SIngapore.

Benefits of Studying in Singapore

Singapore offers a world-class lifestyle with a high standard of living

There are a number of international students choosing to study in Singapore to experience a rich social, cultural, architectural and educational mix. It offers students a cosmopolitan and fast-paced lifestyle at an affordable cost. Singapore is also best known as one of the the most safest country to live and study with consistently low crime rate and strict laws. It’s well-developed infrastructure and modern public transport system make it convenient for commuters to travel around the city.
Singapore has earned a place as the ‘Best Student Cities’ partnering this with the number of world class universities, it is the perfect destination for international student looking for a unique and contemporary higher education experience.
The National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University are some of the highest ranking universities in the world. Private universities such as Curtin, MDIS, PSB Academy, Kaplan Singapore and James Cook University in Singapore provide the same quality of education as their main institutions.
The moderate climate throughout the year makes it an attractive destination for students across the world. Singapore is an English speaking country and is the medium of instruction in all public schools. Therefore, you do not need to worry about learning a different language to enter into a Singapore University. However, some Universities require you to provide an English certificate that proves your English proficiency if you do not come from an English educated school. 

Which Business School in Singapore Should I Consider?

National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore Management University
Kaplan Singapore
PSB Academy
Management Development Institute of Singapore

One-stop service process

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