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About Singapore's Education

Asia’s Finest Education

National University of Singapore is ranked first in all of Asia.

Many Anglo-American overseas universities settled in

Established Singapore branch school partner institutions

Asia’s Financial Centre

Good prospects for development in all walks of life

Singapore plays an important role in the cultivation of talents due to the fact that it is Asia’s finest financial centre. Singapore has not only established a few top-ranked national universities, it is also home to some of the most prestigious private universities as well. With that being said, Singapore has attracted prestigious universities and education firms from all over the world such as the United Kingdom and the United states to set up Education Branches here to Establish a long term relationship with the colleges in Singapore. Thus, it is clear that in the area of education in Singapore there limits are boundless 

Singapore Management University
National University Of SIngapore

Advantages Of Studying In Singapore

 Many multinational companies have set up their Asian headquarters and global research and development laboratories in Singapore. Some notable examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and, more recently, Dyson and Tencent.

Singapore’s Education is top notch and recognised all over the world. Therefore, if you have taken your education from Singapore, there is bound to be a demand for you career wise  no matter where you go.

High salary for fresh graduates as compared to neighbouring countries. The main Language for education in Singapore Is English and Bilingualism is  compulsory for the students studying here in Singapore. 

It is safe to say that Singapore is the most popular place to study in South East Asia and possibly even around the world in the near future. The fact that education in Singapore is mostly taught in English and you will be using it in your everyday lives Conversing and using English majority of the time. Improvement in your English language is almost certain, therefore making your employability much easier all over the world in the near future as majority of the companies all over the world is using english to run their business.

One-third of the world’s top 500 multinational companies choose to set up their Asian headquarters in Singapore. Not only does Singapore have an attractive open investment policy, it is also home to many talented and well diversified expatriates. Singapore’s connectivity and influence in the region , its integration of both eastern and western cultures and its welcoming stance towards foreign investment has made it an important business hub in Asia. There are many Singapore colleges and universities that have close cooperation with influential companies. Students who have not yet graduated from their respectful universities can participate in internship opportunities provided by the school and enter the society in advance to accumulate work experience, and lay a good foundation for future job hunting.Starting salary for fresh graduates Will be higher than those who are completely inexperienced. Of course, HR will be more willing to recruit fresh graduates with work experience.

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The difference between Singapore and Taiwan's Univerity

Singapore Universities

Taiwan Universities

Classes are mostly group topics, focusing on communication skills

Students and professors will frequently gather for small seminars to solve problems and increase their understanding of a topic

Internship is compulsory for Singapore’s universities and it is an important phase for students to go out to gain real-time experience and give themselves advantage after they graduate and head on to the working world

Strong English communication skills 

Not much of group discussions, assessments are usually handed out separately to be completed.

Seminars are not provided by the school, you would have to look for attend these seminars yourself

Internship is rarely available for the students and they would have to go out and find it on their own. Not much companies are willing to take in interns as well.

The English language is rarely used.

A Safe and secure environment

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the previously popular major studying abroad countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe have been greatly impacted economically and socially, and it has not slowed down for a year. This has put a large number of international students in trouble when the epidemic just broke out, it was impossible to return to their home country. Gradually, as the epidemic spreads the medical materials available in the country ended up in a shortage as well. The local government did not take timely measures to take care of the local people. Not to mention the consideration of international students. Foreign students abroad could only pray for their own blessings. However, this situation did not occur in Singapore. The Singapore authorities quickly implemented relevant measures and supplies. Regardless of locals and foreigners, they can receive free masks, alcohol wipes as well as other epidemic prevention supplies every month. This year, it was announced that all residents in Singapore will have to take the vaccination. The vaccination is free for international students, foreign workers, or foreigners living in Singapore. This is a preferential treatment that is impossible in other countries! It is obvious that Singapore treats everyone who comes to this land as their own. The foreigners and locals alike in the country are very caring, regardless of your culture or ethnicity, everyone is treated the same. 

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