Things to notice when you are in Singapore.

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Things to notice when you are studying in Singapore !

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Though the distance between Singapore and Taiwan is not that far

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Simplified Chinese

The most important thing to get used to when you come to Singapore is not only the English-speaking environment but to understand the simplified Chinese characters. This is because all the Chinese characters shown here are all in simplified Chinese! Although most people now can read some simplified Chinese characters, not everyone can understand all the characters. When I first came to Singapore, I saw the simplified Chinese characters of the word ‘radish’ in the supermarket and I did not understand for a long time till I saw the English description. Do not worry if you are unable to recognize the simplified Chinese characters because it will not affect your stay here in Singapore! However, it is advisable that before coming to Singapore, you can spend time familiarising some simplified Chinese characters through books or videos!

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Eating habits

The food and drinks in Singapore are usually on the spicy and sweet side, so if you like the sweet drinks and spicy food, you will get used to it in no time! People in Singapore often use spoons and forks to have their meals, chopsticks are also available but it is only provided at places that serve Chinese cuisines. It is also important to know that the Muslims here do not consume pork, so the food courts here are strictly separated. If you intend to order Malay cuisine, do note that you can only use the cutleries provided by that stall and not mix with cutleries from the other stalls!

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Public transportation in Singapore is well planned out. Transportations here are kept clean and most importantly, all the transports are fully air-conditioned! Singaporeans generally take public transports to travel around because the cars here are very expensive. There are shelters built from the HDB housing blocks to the Bus stops and MRT stations, so there is no need to worry about peak hour crowds, road congestions, and the rain or shine. The newer buses in Singapore also have electronic display boards installed for their passengers which shows the stop names but if you are worried that you may miss your stop, you can always use Google Maps!

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It’s summer all year round in Singapore, with average temperatures of 30°C throughout the year. So people in Singapore usually dress more casually, except for formal occasions but most people here love to wear t-shirts and shorts with slippers because it’s cooling and convenient. However, the air conditioning in Singapore is very strong so it’s advisable to bring your jackets to classes! Due to the pandemic, it is also compulsory for everyone in Singapore to wear a mask once stepped out of home and it can only be removed when you are having your meals, or else you will be fined! 

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Waste Classification 

Unlike in Taiwan, there is no need to separate your garbage according to paper, plastic, cans, etc. in Singapore. All the waste can be thrown into the same garbage bin. There is a designated bin for each housing unit which is connected to the main garbage bin on the first floor so you can simply dump your garbage in the bin from your house! The toilet papers here can be dissolved in water so you can just flush it down the toilet bowl once used! Don’t get the wrong idea that Singapore is not environmentally friendly, instead, Singapore has one of the best garbage disposal systems in the world. Due to the advancement of waste control to a disposal system, makes recycling more efficient.

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