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Many of us are not utilizing the true potential of our brains!

There is a method of studying effectively. With an effective  studying method, student can study independently without tuition classes. They can focus and memorize more than their  peers when they use the correct method when studying. There are the traits of a gifted and clever student. only use 10% of our brain‘s capacity.”, however, they did not  teach us how to use the rest of our brain‘s capacity wisely. If only  we could use another 5%, we would be able to do things  effectively.

Problems Students Face Nowadays

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Remembers quickly,
forget quickly

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No scientific way of studying leading to learn by rote

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Students find no joy in studying

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Cannot recall what they have studied and memorized

How to improve your memory effectively?

Elements of a clever student = Effective studying method + Talent + Hard work
Super Brain Course Outline &  Certified International Memory Master in Singapore
• Introduction of mnemonics
• Brain Challenge

• Challenge 60-100 digits pi number


• Magic 7 test

• Learning of body position

• Learning of number shape system


• Understand the difference between short term & long term memory

• 1-100 Memory Peg 

• Memory Palace

• Learning of Chain Method

• Playing card coding system

• Historic dates


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